About the Comic

Long-time friends SJ Khan and Matt Carter may live in a post-apocalyptic winter wasteland, but they're not going to let that stop them from building a successful business from the ground up!

Together with their haphazard crew of idiots, criminals, and cats, they're going to be the best smuggling company Florida's ever seen.

Trigger Warnings:

About the Cast

About the Creator

Chloe Cunningham is a noisy Dunkin Donuts loyalist who cuts her own hair, collects disposable scalpels, and keeps a wooden box of very, very, very beloved earthworms in her kitchen. She makes this comic for fun!!

Full disclosure: Ginger is her favorite character, Richard Parker is the one she feels sorriest for, and Matt is the self insert (embarassing). Ekat is the most fun to draw and SJ is the easiest/most satisfying to draw.

Comics I Read

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas
Softies by Kyle Smeallie
Rocket Chip by Trinketfox
Time and Time Again by Deo I.
The Traveler by Claire Burn
Hyperdriven by Declan Garrity
Space Boy by Stephen McCranie
Evil Witch Allie by Kristin Tipping